Discover the world of eyelash extensions with UV systems and explore our UV range!

With this online training, you can acquire comprehensive knowledge about professional eyelash extensions using UV systems, location-independently and at your own pace. You will gain useful insights and tips.

We cover, among other things:
âś… The utensils you need for your UV treatment. âś… How to correctly use our UV range. âś… The functioning of ultraviolet light. âś… Important safety aspects for you and your clients. âś… Step-by-step instructions. âś… Expert tips & FAQ. âś… Controversial aspects of UV treatment and what they specifically mean for you as a stylist.

Receive your Miss Luminance certificate!
To demonstrate to your clients that you have deeply engaged with the topic of "UV treatment," you will receive your personalized Miss Luminance certificate with your name and the date of issuance after completing an integrated final test.

Course plan

Your Training Script
theoretical part
practical part
Cleaning of Natural Eyelashes
Applying Eye Pads
Applying Primer
Lifting & Taping
Eyelash adhesive
Attach eyelashes
Removing eyelashes
your final test